Data Analytics Services

Nearly every sector of business today, including accounting, is being driven by big data.

In order to satisfy customer expectations and make wise company decisions, accounting data analytics might be helpful.To learn more about your customers’ behavior, employ data analytics in accounting. These patterns can help companies create analytical models that can be used to find investment opportunities and raise profit margins. Consequently, accounting data analytics contributes to improved profit margins.

Our Accounting data analytics services may also help you manage your cash flow and find areas where your business can cut costs or invest earnings more intelligently. Thus, Accounting Data Analytics has a significant influence on Cast Flow analysis and company transformation.Simply said, data analytics is the process of viewing a situation or problem from all angles.

To achieve this, At Arkius we gather, analyse, and organize all relevant data to derive useful knowledge. To create financial statements, accounting professionals often work with large amounts of data, including checks, bank statements, invoices, and more.

To create forecasts and suggest corrective measures, we examine the financial statements and other non-financial data with the use of analytics tools.

Scope of Work

  1. Data Collection & Cleaning
  2. Various Reports extracted from Excel, Power BI or Tableau
  3. Dashboards based on requirements
  4. Data Management
  5. Data Mapping
  6. Data Privacy and compliance
  7. Automation Methods
  8. Identifying administrative time in current process and applying automation
  9. Process Efficiency
  10. Analytical review of past financial data
  11. Any ad hoc Data Analytics requirements as per your need.
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    <strong>Core Accounting</strong>

    Core Accounting

    We provide comprehensive bookkeeping services that keep your financial records organized and compliant with accounting standards.
    <strong>Statutory Tax Compliance</strong>

    Statutory Tax Compliance

    With the help of our tax preparation services, we can reduce the complexity and resources that would otherwise be used to match tax information.
    <strong>Legal Compliance</strong>

    Legal Compliance

    At Arkius Global, we offer a wide range of legal services, such as contract review, compliance management, and Immigration support.


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